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Tag archives for Mahamudra Meditation

Gelug Mahamudra 53 Flawed & Flawless Meditation Dr B. Alan Wallace

Spring 8-Week retreat on Shamatha, Vipashyana, and Mahamudra, based upon two texts: Panchen Lozang Chökyi Gyaltsen’s Highway of the Jinas: A Root Text …4636


Learn Isha Kriya Online



Shambhavi Mudra Meditation – Into the Wild

[removed] – Shambhavi is one of the names of Shiva. Building on the previous Back of the Head Meditation, Richard guides us through a body …120


Garchen Rinpoche: Five Fold Path of Mahamudra Teachings Day 1 (2015 Seattle Teachings)

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche: Five Fold Path of Mahamudra Teachings Day 1 Date & Time: July 5, 2015, 10-12 am; 2-5 pm Location: North Seattle College, Seattle, …17571


The Profound Path of Mahamudra – H.E. The 12th Tai Situ Rinpoche

The Gelug-Kagyu tradition of mahamudra next prescribes meditation on the deepest nature of mind — its voidness or absence of existing in any fantasized, …585


Mahamudra Lineage Prayer (4 Versions) by Lama Karma Drodhul

This video contains the four version (melodies) to the Karma Kagyu Mahamudra Lineage Prayer recited by Lama Karma Drodhul in the Heart Center Studios in …1213


Mahamudra 4 of 4: No Meditation

From January 17-24, 2009, the Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches held their annual Dzogchen Winter Retreat at the Palm Beach Dharma Center in West Palm …163


Maha Mudra (kriya 6)

Maha Mudra (kriya 6) [removed]295


Open Awareness Workshop Part 1 (Dzogchen/Mahamudra) 3/2016 (English)

Nonmeditation/Ati-meditation Workshop lead by Baba Kim Katami, partially based on written teachings of Karma Chagme and Dudjom Lingpa from Naked …4409


Third Eye Meditation Mudra – The Shambhavi Eye Mudra

The Shambhavi mudra for third eye meditation and yoga, is an ancient technique that will help you focus on your third eye chakra (Ajna chakra) and direct the …156